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10 tips for safe social networking

10 tips for safe social networking

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other common social sites are ruling the world. Even if they are not, we can admit their influence is pretty widespread. Regardless of age, people are growing more and more attached to social networking sites. Some use them to keep in touch with friends while other use them to market their businesses.

A wise person takes care that they don’t reveal sensitive information and secure their interactions over social networking sites. No one wants to be the victim of identity theft, bullying and other forms of social media victimization.

Here are 10 tips for safe social networking:

  1. A good password

All social networks require you to sign up for an account to get started. You have to use a good password. More than that, you have to have a super password, one that shuts down all intruders and never cracks under pressure. To create this super protection measure, just take a simple phrase and make it complicated. But not so complicated that you can’t get past it neither! Your password should not be stronger than you.

Currently, most security policies demand that your password consists of lower and upper case letters, numbers and special characters. Make sure your username doesn’t describe you as well; something like Taronjacks101 can be traced back to your original details.

  1. Change your password often

Make sure you change your password. A lot. That way, hackers don’t have time to crack it. Also, you can take pride in that possibility that some hairy little nerd out there might be screaming in frustration because of you.

  1. Never unveil all your birth details

Sure, we would like to know everything about your birthday details but not all of us have good intentions. Keep your birthday private, or at least part of it. Complete birthdays are a recipe for disaster; they can help thieves gain access to your financial information. Let your new friends ask. That way, you know if they are really interested or not.

  1. Use the provided privacy features

Use those privacy controls. Restricting people from your profile is fun; it gives you a powerful feeling. Or, at the very least, it allows you to filter and limit how much of your business is on display to the world.

  1. Not every photo should be seen by public eyes

Pictures should be kept largely private as well. Especially the ones of your straight-laced Mormon friend vomiting in your toilet. You don’t want his mom to see what her little boy has been up to!

  1. Keep your kids out your tags

You also need to worry about keeping your kids safe too. Tagging them in your photos links your page (and whatever pedophiles may have found it) to theirs. Sure, you may be only worried about your finances and identity. But the kids have more to worry about nowadays.

  1. Don’t share what you wouldn’t like the public to see

There is always that uncontrolled part that urges us to take photos that can put us in trouble. The same force will compel you to share these naughty pics with your paramour and when you know longer have a flame for each other or start to fight, you will see your photos paraded all over the media. Don’t take or even share pictures that can put you in trouble.

  1. Shut down your old accounts

It’s a norm for every newbie to want to be everywhere when getting started with the social world. You share your details with friends and strangers and when the platform becomes boring, you forget about it and go to the next leaving traces of your details behind. Piece of advice, “clear your house completely when moving out.”

  1. Don’t be nasty

Being a ghost makes you brave but that does not mean insulting others and going ALL CAPS. If there is something you can’t say to a person in real life, don’t do it on the internet as well. If you feel like yelling, take some deep breaths or go for a walk and come back later. You will realize it could have been a stupid idea to tweet that venom.

  1. Never share your location

“In Miami Beach Resort with my boo enjoying a cool breeze.” It’s not bad to let people know how you are enjoying your day but some criminals are waiting for you to let them know where you are. Turn off any broadcast feature that tells social networks where you are and share photos later when you get home.

Social networks help us in many ways. We can’t do without them. Nevertheless we need to use them with care to avoid exposing ourselves to criminals and cyber bullies.